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Your Best Alternative To Area Landfills

Discover the Coastal Experience

Here at Coastal Recycling Services, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the "Coastal Experience." As the leading construction and demolition transfer service in the Jacksonville area, you skip the hassle of driving your construction debris all the way to a landfill. 

Who We Serve

Construction & Demolition Disposal

Whether you’re a homeowner sprucing up your house, a contractor responsible for construction projects, a professional demolition crew, or a waste management company, you’re going to have construction waste. Since landfills are only located on the outskirts of the city, construction debris can be difficult to responsibly dispose of here in Northeast Florida, wasting valuable time and money. 

Coastal Recycling Services is your solution for convenient construction and demolition waste disposal. We are the area’s premier construction and demolition debris recycling facility, also known as a transfer yard. Drop off at our Jacksonville recycling center is quick and easy. Our employees will sort your load so that usable materials can be processed into new products, while the remaining waste byproduct will be transported to the appropriate landfill for final burial.

Materials We Accept

Coastal Recycling Services accepts all of your nonhazardous construction and demolition debris. From concrete to metal to wood, we recycle as much as possible to limit what ends up in a landfill and lessen your project’s impact on the environment.

Our Fees

We understand that price always factors into a job well done. Our fees are competitive and when you realize how much time is saved, you’ll wish you had found us sooner.

Locate our C&D Disposal Center

Tired of driving to the outskirts of the city and traversing muddy roads on the way? With a shorter travel time and fully paved roads, we are conveniently located for your construction recycling needs. We are your best alternative to C&D Landfills.

Locate our C&D Landfill

Locate our C&D Landfill