November 18

5 Things to Consider When Starting or Scaling a Demolition Business in Jacksonville, Florida

Think you’ve got what it takes to start a demolition business? Jacksonville is prime ground if you’re breaking into the industry. Or maybe you’re looking to scale your existing demolition company. Either way, demolition businesses have plenty of opportunities to thrive in and around Jacksonville, whether by aiding hurricane cleanup or making way for the region’s new construction. With new arrivals moving to the city daily, there’s also a thriving interior remodeling sector.

However, you’ll need more than just a contractor’s license and some heavy equipment if you’re trying to start a new demolition company. Taking apart a building requires a different skill set – and a different set of partners – than it does to put one together. Check out some of the questions you should ask when launching or scaling your demolition company to avoid any undo surprises.

1. Consider Building a Waste Management Plan

You’ll generate a tremendous amount of waste with a demolition business. Your profit margins depend on how fast you can dispose of it. Consider building a waste management plan that gives your company a systematic way to handle, sort, and dispose of waste. Regardless of your project, your waste management plan should do the following:

  • Identify a waste management officer responsible for a site’s waste disposal
  • Estimate the types and amounts of waste for the project
  • Set recycling targets
  • Outline procedures for handling hazardous waste
  • Include strategies to gain buy-in from your workers

A waste management plan can cut down disposal time and improve your ability to salvage reusable materials. It can also protect bricks, nails, doors, and other materials you can resell from waste contamination. A waste disposal plan can also help you better organize your worksite. This can reduce the time each job takes while also improving worker safety.

2. Consider Contracting/Partnering With a C&D Recycling Provider

If you’re starting a demolition business, you’ll eventually discover that working with a landfill isn’t as easy as it sounds. For one, landfills are busy, and a “quick trip” for your crew can soon turn into an hours-long excursion. They get stuck in line, suffer from a surprise breakdown, or worse. By the time you factor in fuel and labor costs, a trip to the landfill could be expensive.

A construction and demolition recycling provider can be a more suitable partner for your business. A C&D recycling provider typically works with companies just like yours. They have ample facilities to quickly receive and dispose of your constrctuon materials, including paved roads and dedicated dumping bays. With less traffic, you can also save more on each trip.

Save time and money by partnering with Coastal Recycling Services for your C&D business’s recycling needs. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help take your business to the next level!

3. Consider Employee Injury Costs

Demolition can be a dangerous job, and the last things you want to do is break your employees. Safety needs to be the number one priority of your demolition business. Your employees will face countless dangers on each job, but you can mitigate them by adopting safe practices. This starts with purchasing the right equipment and working with the appropriate partners.

To improve safety across your organization, you’ll want to review the demolition process from start to finish. Once you do this, you’ll see how dangerous landfills can be to your employees. A trip to the dump could easily end in the ER for you or your employees. However, a C&D waste facility can be much safer compared to a landfill and can reduce the risk of worker injury.

4. Consider Vehicle Maintenance Costs

One of the biggest costs you’ll face in the demolition industry is vehicle maintenance. Whether you’re renting your vehicles or buying them, you’ll be responsible for a large part of the cost to keep them running. Sudden breakdowns can be expensive, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve set aside enough cash to cover the costs of repairs. 

Hauling waste from a demolition site can be taxing on your vehicles, especially if they’re rumbling along the rough, unsafe roads at a dump. Loose nails and other debris can easily puncture your vehicles’ tires, while the unpaved, muddy roads can be hazardous in rainy weather. However, you can avoid these risks by working with a modern C&D facility.

Did you know that Coastal Recycling Services’ facilities include paved access roads to help protect your vehicles? Contact us today to learn more about how Coastal Recycling Services can help your C&D Business!

5. Consider Sustainability (And How Much It Pays)

Making demolition sustainable doesn’t just help the environment; it can also boost your bottom line. Sustainable demolition practices can help you recover more reusable materials from each worksite. Adopting such practices can also bring in more business, as more consumers favor companies that build sustainability into their culture.

Working with a dedicated construction and demolition waste management company can also help you meet your sustainability targets. A C&D facility can help you cut down on waste and save you costly trips to the landfill. Your business can also boost your green rep by diverting carbon-intensive materials like tile, concrete, and bricks from waste streams. For a full list of materials accepted at Coastal Recycling Services, click here

Build Your Demolition Business With Coastal Recycling Services!

Building a successful demolition business means disposing of your waste the right way. A C&D recycling provider can save you time and money on each job. Working with one can also improve your worker safety and burnish your business’s sustainability credentials.

Coastal Recycling Services is ready to handle your C&D waste from anywhere in the greater Jacksonville area. We operate in full compliance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Contact us today to check out our rates and to see how we can support the growth of your demolition business!


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