June 9

City of Jacksonville Recycling of C&D Waste: Why Choose Coastal Recycling Over Landfills

If you’re like most do-it-yourselfers, you’ve probably watched home-flipping television shows where the hosts go to painstaking lengths to salvage materials from a demolished structure before applying shiny new ones. If you thought recycling construction and demolition (C&D) materials was only for well-connected TV hosts, you’ll be pleased to learn that not only is it more convenient than the local dump, but it’s also easily accessible to all. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, contractor, business owner, construction worker, or landscaper, you’ll find Coastal Recycling provides an easy and convenient experience that is a beneficial and environmentally responsible alternative for disposing of your C&D materials.

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Why Choose Coastal Recycling Over Landfills for City of Jacksonville Recycling

Whereas the landfill is a black hole where just about everything dumped there becomes waste and sits for many hundreds of years, Coastal Recycling is the premier transfer station in the Jacksonville area. We’re the place to recycle dozens of types of C&D materials. Our state-of-the-art transfer station, alternately referred to as a resource recovery center, is the place where your reusable building waste is consolidated and aggregated so it can be recycled and go on to live again as useful building materials.

There are many reasons to choose us for your City of Jacksonville recycling including:

Landfills Don’t Recycle Everything Properly

Since landfills are municipal solid waste facilities, in many cases they simply collect and bury whatever doesn’t go through a transfer station like ours or to a Municipal Recovery Facility (MRF). Some of the general household items landfills won’t typically recycle include paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum.

This is certainly true of reusable C&D materials. If you’re interested in doing your part for the planet and pleasing your customers while saving time, money, and vehicle wear and tear, bring those materials to our transfer station for waste recycling where we carefully sort what’s reusable from what’s not.

A Trip to Coastal Recycling Will be About 1/4 The Time at a Landfill

Whether you’re a homeowner doing renovation yourself, or a contractor involved in the plumbing, roofing, remodeling, or landscaping trade, you’ll face many challenges on the job, not least of which is waste disposal. For contractors especially, doing the best work for the most competitive price possible is imperative to give you the edge you need, because you’ll undoubtedly win or lose bids based on price and timeline. To give your company the best advantage, why waste time with landfills?

When you dump materials in the landfill, you’ll encounter some issues that may affect your price and timeline:

  • Landfills are on the outskirts of the city so you and your team waste valuable time traveling.
  • Once you arrive you could find a line and wait for 45 minutes or longer when you could have been back at the worksite getting more done.
  • Dirt roads leading to the landfills turn muddy in the rain and lead to dangerous driving conditions and unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicles.
  • Every bit of material you dump goes right into the landfill.

Coastal Recycling Services will save you time, help you stay competitive, and reduce your environmental impact. We’re centrally located for less travel time and our roads are paved to reduce risk to your vehicles. Additionally, we’ll have you in and out in 7-11 minutes to save you man-hours, and your debris will be carefully sorted so usable materials can be processed into new materials.

Landfills’ Prices May Increase for Political Reasons

Whether owned by the government or a private enterprise, landfills are regulated by the county in which they reside. That means government employees can raise prices to dump waste whenever they feel it’s appropriate. Some landfills around the country have even seen a three-fold increase. Price hikes may be caused by limited landfill space, more waste management staff needed onsite, or as a method to persuade people to utilize other recycling methods.

Coastal Recycling doesn’t have that problem. You’ll find our prices for construction waste and debris quite reasonable, and you can find price estimates on our website before you make a trip to our transfer yard.

Our Roads Are Paved and Safe

One of the many benefits of using us for your city of Jacksonville recycling is our well-kept facility and our paved roads that allow your vehicles to travel safely. We use a water truck to reduce dust and utilize magnets to pick up nails and screws, so tire punctures aren’t a big problem like they can be at landfills.

Cleanliness and safety are at the top of the list for why customers choose our facility. Additionally, our customers benefit from short wait times, reduced risk of flat tires, and have peace of mind that their trucks won’t get stuck in muddy roads on those frequent rainy afternoons we Floridians are used to.

H3: Recyclable Items Often Take a Very Long Time to Decompose in Landfills

The time it takes for materials to decompose or biodegrade in a landfill depends on the type of waste. For example, plastic bags may take 10-100 years to degrade, while other plastics take much longer in landfills, where the three key parts of facilitating biodegradation – air, sunlight, and moisture – are scarce. Other materials take even longer because landfills don’t facilitate, but rather prevent, decomposition. Believe it or not, glass can take up to one million years to fully degrade!

It’s critical to recycle what you can because so many materials take decades or even centuries to degrade. Reusable waste, be it glass, aluminum, paper, or plastic, is a resource that shouldn’t go to waste if there’s a better option. Coastal Recycling is here to serve as that better option to benefit both our economy and the environment.

Landfills Produce Dangerous Gases

Landfills are engineered such that non-liquid hazardous waste is deposited and covered, and this can produce many dangerous gases including carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, and sulfides among others. Ever notice that stink coming from the landfill? This odor is generally caused by ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Methane, meanwhile, is flammable and concentrations of this gas have been known to exceed explosive levels when trapped.

If there is another option, why contribute to increasing the level of dangerous gases being emitted into the environment? At Coastal Recycling, we’re here to help you recycle those C&D materials to help the environment and delight your customers in knowing you aren’t practicing harmful activities that negatively impact the community and planet.

Coastal Recycling is Conveniently Located

Don’t drive to the outskirts of town for your waste collection services. Come visit our easily accessed, clean, and convenient central location for your city of Jacksonville recycling needs.

The landfills are on the outskirts of town for a reason. Don’t waste valuable time and money just to dump your C&D materials. Bring them to us and delight your customers with your dedication to the Earth. As author Robert Swan wrote, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

City of Jacksonville Recycling Center for C&D Waste

By using our transfer station for your city of Jacksonville recycling needs, you’ll find that we’re centrally located so you save travel time and money, our paved roads won’t damage your expensive vehicles, you’ll be in and out quickly, and your material will be sorted so it can be processed into new products.

We accept non-hazardous construction debris in compliance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, including:

  • Piping
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Asphalt roofing material
  • Drywall
  • Lumber
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Trees and remains
  • Brick
  • Clean cardboard
  • Metal scraps

Visit Coastal Recycling for Your Construction Waste

Come visit us and see why we’re the premier facility for the city of Jacksonville recycling. We care about the environment and hope you do too. We’re here to make your job and life easier and help the precious planet we all share. Won’t you join us in this endeavor?


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