November 24

What to Look for in a Construction Waste Disposal Company

If you’re working in the construction industry, one of your biggest headaches may be regarding what to do with the waste. The American construction industry actually produces a whopping 20 million tons of waste every single year. A single construction project can easily generate several tons of waste.

All of that construction waste needs to be safely, conveniently, and legally disposed of. That’s why you need a construction waste disposal partner for any project that you are involved in.

Fortunately, those looking for “construction waste disposal near me” will likely be pleased to find that there are several waste disposal companies to choose from. But how do you know which one is right for you? Read on to find out how to choose the right construction waste disposal company for your next project. 

1. Do They Know Construction Waste Disposal?

First, it is worth noting that construction disposal is not the same as other types of waste disposal. Much of the waste generated by construction can only be disposed of at a specialized construction waste management site.

If you just choose the first waste disposal company that you come across, you run the risk of choosing a company that does not have the right experience and will not be able to receive your construction site waste. Always check that a company is specifically equipped as a construction dumpsite. 

2. The Type of Construction Waste Matters

In addition, the type of waste that you are generating on-site is an important consideration when learning how to get rid of construction waste. Construction sites generate different types of waste depending on the nature and even the location of the project.

Concrete, rubble, and debris are the most common forms of construction waste. However, your site may also generate waste such as sewage, poisonous chemicals, and other toxic materials. These will need to be handled with caution by qualified professionals. At Coastal Recycling Services, we only accept non-hazardous construction waste. 

3. Value for Money is Key

When choosing a waste disposal site, your bottom line is another key consideration. The cost of disposing of waste can be a considerable expense that will impact your ability to stay within the budget if you are not careful. That’s why choosing a waste disposal option that is affordable is crucial.

By choosing a company such as Coastal Recycling Services, you can save money by taking your materials directly to our site and paying a fee-based solely on the size of the container containing your construction waste. This will keep costs down and ensure your project is delivered within budget. 

4. Are They Sustainable? 

Finally, it is important to consider whether a waste disposal company is genuinely sustainable. The construction and housebuilding industries are among the biggest producers of carbon in the world.

Sustainable construction is an industry priority, and your future customers will notice if you opt to reduce your carbon footprint today. You can easily do this by choosing a waste management company that will recycle all of your construction waste, ensuring they can be used again and again in future projects. 

Hire the Right Construction Waste Disposal Company Today 

For affordable, convenient, experienced, and sustainable construction waste disposal, we have got you covered. To find out more about how you can dispose of your construction waste efficiently and affordably in Jacksonville, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team today. 


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