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Which Roof Shingles And Tiles Can Be Recycled?

As a roofing contractor or other type of contractor, you are bound to come across all kinds of roofing materials in the Jacksonville area. You may find yourself wondering: are shingles recyclable and, if so, which types? 

This article will help you get a better understanding of the specific shingle and tile types that can be recycled. Being environmentally responsible is not only good for our planet, but doing so will also improve the reputation of your company. 

Figuring out exactly what needs to be recycled at the end of a job is only half the battle. Finding the proper recycling facility is just as important. That’s where Coastal Recycling Services comes in. We will make sure you properly dispose of your roofing waste and other construction debris when the job is complete. 

Are Roof Tiles And Shingles Recyclable?

Are shingles recyclable? That’s the big question we are here to answer. In short, the answer is yes. Roof tiles and shingles can most often be recycled. However, there are some materials that cannot be recycled and must be disposed of in a different manner. 

In the next section below, we will provide detailed recycling information on many of the common tiles and shingles that roof contractors will come upon at a job site. If the material can’t be recycled, we will provide some shingle disposal suggestions to help you discard it most effectively.

Which Shingles And Tiles Can Be Recycled?

Learn more about specific shingle and tile types and whether they can be recycled or not. If you are looking for a full list of materials related to your construction waste and debris that can be recycled at Coastal Recycling Services, you can check that list out here. 

Asphalt Shingles


Are asphalt shingles hazardous waste? That’s a question we hear quite often from those who are dealing with this material. While you might not immediately think of asphalt as a recyclable material, it is without question a recyclable material. As one of the most common roof types in America, it’s a good thing that it is recyclable. 

Wood Shingles


Considering that wood shingles are made up of all-natural materials, they can be recycled in most cases, as long as they are unpainted and non-treated. If the wood can not be recycled due to it being painted or treated, it can be ground down into wood chips for landscaping. You could also consider donating the wood to a local organization that could use it for another purpose. Wood can be used to make benches, tables, playground equipment, garden boxes, and many other creative items. 

PVC Shingles


In most cases, PVC shingles are not accepted at recycling centers. PVC materials can be recycled when they are made up of a single thermoplastic material. However, most PVC has hazardous additives in the material that does not allow it to be recycled. Unless it is a PVC material that is made up of 100% recyclable material, this is a material that is often better off being repurposed or donated for another use. 

Polymer Shingles


Most polymer shingles are thermoplastic. This means that they can be melted down and reused. As an example, most water bottles are made up of a polymer material that we see getting recycled on a daily basis. If you come across polymer shingles on the job, they will most likely be thermoplastic like that of a water bottle. 

Metal Shingles


It is very rare to come across a metal roof that is not recyclable. In fact, metal roofing is often made up of recycled materials. An aluminum roof and a copper roof are a couple of good examples of popular metal shingles. When homes and businesses are looking to go green, a metal roof is one of the most popular options out there.

Concrete Tiles


Similar to the asphalt shingles that we mentioned earlier, concrete tiles are also recyclable. Concrete tiles are made up of all-natural ingredients, such as sand, cement, and water. Since these tiles are non-toxic, they can easily be broken down and recycled. In some cases, concrete tiles can be simply repurposed for pathways and other outdoor landscaping features. 

Clay Tiles


Clay tiles fall into the same category as concrete tiles. Clay is made up of a natural, mineral-based material that will often last up to around 100 years. That means this is a material that roofers will not usually replace all that often. On the rare occasion that you come across clay, it’s good to know that it can be recycled.  

Slate Tiles


Slate tiles cannot be recycled. However, slate can be reused for various other purposes. For example, it can be broken up into pieces to be used for a pathway. Artists also often use this material for different types of projects. 

Slate is not a material that is commonly disposed of due to its long-term durability. It can usually last upwards of 100 years before needing to be replaced. Most commonly, contractors come in contact with slate when it needs to be repaired. If it does need to be disposed of, it’s best to find an interested party for donation. 

Recycle Your Shingles And Roofing Materials at Coastal Recycling Services

Are shingles recyclable? It’s easy to see that the answer is yes. When it comes time to recycle your shingles and roofing materials, Coastal Recycling Services has you covered. Conveniently located in downtown Jacksonville, we can quickly and efficiently handle large amounts of waste to get you in and out in no time. 

We accept all C&D waste in compliance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Asphalt, wood, concrete, metal, and plastic are just some of the roofing materials that we accept. For a full list of materials and further information on our recycling center, please visit our website here. 


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