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Construction waste disposal for homeowners and businesses

Construction Debris Recycling Services

Coastal Recycling Services is a construction and demolition debris recycling facility that provides an alternative solution to driving across town, through treacherous conditions to dump your construction debris in a landfill where it will be buried.

When you use us for your construction debris recycling, your load will be dumped onto our tipping floor, sorted for items that can be sold off to different industries for processing into a new product, and the remaining waste byproduct will then be transported to the appropriate landfill for burial. You will save time, hassle, money, and you’ll be helping the environment.


While DIY renovation can be extremely cost-effective and incredibly satisfying, not being an “expert” in the industry can have its drawbacks. You’ve done a wonderful job with demolition and you’re about to start rebuilding… there’s just one problem. What do you do with the junk?

One option is to haul the debris from your demo to the local landfill, but thankfully, there’s an alternative. Coastal Recycling is more conveniently located, provides faster service, and diverts as much of your waste from landfills as possible, turning it into usable materials. This allows you to get back to your project faster and with the knowledge that you are helping the planet.


When you bid on a job, chances are you don’t factor in the hours of time that it will take your employees to dispose of the waste materials. When you consider travel time to the landfills on the outskirts of town and the long wait times they will encounter, time is truly money. Add that to the wear and tear on your vehicles from the muddy, dangerous road conditions, and then you realize you did not charge enough for this job.

Thankfully, Coastal Recycling Services allows you to get your workers back to the job site faster so they can get back to doing what they need to do. We offer a quick, cash and carry drop off for your roofing, landscaping, plumbing, and other construction debris.

Demolition & Construction Cleanup Companies

The first crew to enter the site and the last crew to leave, you want your cleanup to go as quickly and efficiently as possible. Hauling your debris to a landfill will take away manpower from your job site and needlessly cost you and your customers money.

Coastal Recycling is a better choice for your demolition waste disposal and your construction waste recycling. We’re easier to access than the landfill, thanks to our location and our clear, paved roads. Plus, with a faster turn-around time, your workers will be back to the job site in no time. Save time, hassle, money, and the environment when you bring your C&D waste to us.

Waste Management Companies

Hauling waste to the landfill can get expensive! Transporting individual loads from collection vehicles is a waste of time and manpower, and tossing everything into the dump is bad for the landfill and bad for the planet.

Coastal Recycling offers an alternative to transporting debris directly to the landfill where it will just be buried. Waste is brought to our conveniently located facility via truck or trailer, dumped onto our tipping floor and sorted for specific commodities, with the remaining waste byproduct reloaded into bulk transport trucks, and transported to the appropriate landfill for final burial. We save your waste management company time and manpower. 

Materials Accepted

At Coastal Recycling Services, we want to be a one-stop-shop for all of your construction and demolition debris disposal needs. Your worksite will generate everything from concrete to plastic, wood to drywall, and more. We accept all of this construction waste and then sort the items, pulling out the material that can be recycled and sending the rest to the proper landfill.

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