October 31

Why You Should Recycle Organic Waste & Yard Debris Instead of Sending it to a Landfill in Jacksonville, Florida

One of the perks of living in Jacksonville, Florida is our beautiful climate. The abundance of warmth, sunshine, and rain naturally cultivates an abundance of diverse natural plant growth and landscaping options. But what about when you need to clear out some of that plant growth? 

Whether you’re clearing overgrowth from your property, transforming your outdoor living space with new landscaping, or cleaning up after a strong storm or hurricane, properly disposing of organic waste and yard debris is a big chore that can have a lasting impact on our environment.

In this article, you’ll learn why it’s better to recycle your organic waste and yard debris than it is to take the seemingly more convenient route by allowing it to be picked up by the city and taken to a landfill. You’ll also learn why the mainstream trash-pickup option is actually LESS convenient than recycling! 

Why You Should Recycle Organic Waste & Yard Debris Instead of Sending it to the Landfill

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about recycling, especially when it comes to disposing of organic waste and landscape debris. Like, did you know that, although organic waste will decompose in a landfill, it will also give off harmful methane gas emissions in the process?

Luckily, recycling your organic waste and yard debris through composting significantly reduces the amount of harmful gas created from your landscape waste. 

Of course, most people don’t have access to a composting set-up large enough to accommodate large amounts of organic waste at a time. This is where Coastal Recycling Services can help! 

For larger landscape clean-up jobs that won’t fit in a backyard composting bin, Coastal Recycling Services accepts organic waste and landscape debris including branches, palm fronds, trees, bushes, dirt, and rocks for composting and other recycling methods.

For more information on why composting is better for the environment and you, check out this breakdown from the EPA.

What is considered organic waste and yard debris?

So what is considered organic waste, anyway? Organic waste and landscape waste generally include any fruit, vegetable, or plant waste, except for actual garbage. The list includes things like trees and/or trimmings, branches, stumps, palm fronds, leaves, brush, weeds, grass, shrubs, and even crop residue.  

Additionally, landscape features such as small- to large-size rocks, unpainted and untreated wood, landscape timbers, and even soil are often considered organic waste and are accepted for recycling at Coastal Recycling. Click here for a full list of our accepted materials for all your landscape and home improvement projects. 

Do yourself and the planet a favor: skip the landfill and head to Coastal Recycling Services for your landscape, construction, and demolition debris disposal needs! Contact us for the best rates!

The Pitfalls of City Pickup of Organic Waste and Yard Debris in Jacksonville, Florida

While placing your landscape debris on the curb for pick-up seems like the most easily accessible option, it may not be the best one. 

As we’ve already mentioned, allowing your organic waste to decay in a landfill is more harmful to the environment than if it were composted or recycled. But when it comes to saving time and energy, it turns out that sitting your waste on the curb may also be more time-consuming when compared with a simple drive and drop-off to Coastal Recycling Services. 

In fact, the City of Jacksonville has requirements for organic waste pick-up that include requirements such as length and weight limits. They also accept fewer materials than their counterparts like Coastal Recycling Services, which means you could find yourself driving all over town to dispose of different landscape waste. 

This may all sound like a lot, and while disposing of your landscape waste can be a considerable undertaking, keep in mind that recycling and reducing your yard waste doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Simplifying the Disposal of Your Organic and Landscape Waste

Plenty of options exist for easy and stress-free removal of landscape waste and debris. There’s the fairly favored DIY method of doing it yourself to the phone-a-friend option for help, or you can also hire a reputable hauling service to pick up and dispose of your proof of yard work. 

If you’re going with either of the DIY options, you’ll be happy to know that our facility features paved access for trouble-free drop-off. And if you’re using a hauling service, landscape service, or tree-cutting service, you can request that your waste be taken to a particular recycling provider like Coastal Recycling Services. 

Recycling Your Organic Materials and Yard Debris is Easy with Coastal Recycling Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Whether you need to drop off a few bags of leaves and lawn clippings or an entire tree that fell due to the last big storm, Coastal Recycling Services is set up to make your recycling drop-off quick and easy. Contact us for more information or swing by and drop off your landscape waste today!  


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